4 Kinds of Substances Epoxy Resin Can Resist

By Resin Tops | 05 Nov 2018

Epoxy resins are highly resistant in general, which is why they have many practical applications: Paints and many coatings Electrical Systems and many electronics Industrial tooling applications Adhesives Numerous consumer applications Laboratory equipment The list can go on and on. However, we are here to talk about the many substances epoxy resin can resist. The […]

4 Reasons Why Laboratories Need Pegboard Drying Racks

By Resin Tops | 22 Oct 2018

Laboratories need many types of equipment, and they also need them to be of top quality. One of these products is indeed pegboard drying racks. Every lab worker will explain numerous reasons why these drying racks are needed in their workspace. This article is here to do the same, and with that in mind here […]

Why Is It Important For Laboratories To Have A Good Plumbing System

By Resin Tops | 28 Sep 2018

When designing plumbing systems for labs, there are a few essential elements every laboratory needs to have on their radar (and implemented as part of their lab structures.) Today, we’re talking about why every laboratory needs to have a proper plumbing system along with what constitutes a good system.   Ensuring Safety Safety should be […]

Pros and Cons of 6 Types of Countertops

By Resin Tops | 14 Sep 2018

They keep telling us options are the best thing that ever happened to us, but – truthfully – with so many options out there it’s easy to get distracted and end up choosing the version that doesn’t work to your benefit as much. Even so, the good news is that you are not alone when […]

5 Helpful Tips to Decide Which Laboratory Workstation You Need

By Resin Tops | 24 Aug 2018

Equipping a laboratory with workstations is often a difficult task for many. It is a capital investment, and there are important factors that should be taken into consideration to avoid unforeseen expenses. Although the price is usually the deciding element, here are some tips that can help you find what you are looking for, and […]

Pros and Cons: Epoxy Resin Countertops

By Resin Tops | 10 Aug 2018

Epoxy resin countertops are famous around the world for their mechanical properties and resilience. Most of their fame is due to the unique process called curing. Epoxy resin is a type of plastic, cured as a solid of silica, resin, hardener, and filler and is reinforced with fiber, making it hard to argue with its […]

Countertops: Epoxy Resin Vs. Polyurethane

By Resin Tops | 31 Jul 2018

Laboratory counters are your primary workspace used to hold your tools, projects, and all the necessary equipment. These days, we can find countertops available in a striking array of costs, materials, composites, and finishes, giving you the opportunity to choose not only the best option for your laboratory but the most cost-effective one. As each […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Epoxy Resin Countertops

By Resin Tops | 17 Jul 2018

The latest trend in indoor and outdoor furniture design elements, epoxy resin, is quickly becoming the material to use – and for a good reason. The material itself is durable, moisture & flame-resistant and is pretty tolerant to a variety of chemical spills and reactions. It makes it a perfect material for harsh laboratory settings […]

Advantages of Chemical Resistant Countertops

By Resin Tops | 02 Apr 2018

Countertops are essential for work-surfaces. They are commonly used in food kitchens, laboratories, offices, school, and medical facilities. One main concern in any workplace environment should be keeping countertops clean and bacteria free, however, there are places where chemical resistant countertops are important too. If you work with chemicals, it is important to have a […]

NSF Countertops

By Resin Tops | 18 Mar 2018

When you’re in the commercial food service industry, or are looking to buy restaurant supplies or equipment, you might come across a little round blue NSF certification mark next to some of the products. You may ask yourself “what does this mean?” or “how may this benefit my business?” In this article, I will explain […]

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