4 Advantages of Pegboards in Laboratories

advantages of pegboards in laboratories

Many of us would like an organized workspace in our laboratories, but we may lack the skills or tools to make it happen. Although you do have many options of equipment to choose from, it is hard to surpass the possibilities that epoxy resin pegboards offer.

Pegboards are tough to beat when it comes to vertical storage and organization. Your laboratories will be more organized when you use pegboards, and you will have more space available on your horizontal surfaces when you use them.

What are Pegboards?

Pegboards are hard boards with holes drilled and evenly spaced for pegs, arranged in a grid pattern. You can hang pegboards, mount them, or lean them against walls—for organizing and display purposes in homes, garages, and even laboratories.

Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, it can be considered the best tool organizer.

This type of perforated hardboard is especially useful as a tool board in laboratories due to the holes used for supporting various items. Typically, it is used to organize equipment with various attachments like hooks, pegs, brackets, and trays. The accessories are there for maximum support of equipment and other items, with each attachment having its own purposes. 

There are different available pegboard sizes and are sold in a variety of types ranging from various materials, including plastic, acrylic, wood, masonite, metal, and epoxy resin pegboards. The choice of material you choose will depend on the weight and the type of things you intend to hang from the pegboard.

It is also important to take into account the durability, the possible accessories, and the cost of the item.

Advantages of Pegboards in Laboratories

If appropriately utilized, epoxy resin pegboards can significantly improve the organization and neatness of your laboratories. The main benefit of this system is that all of your equipment is kept up and off of the counter.

The following will discuss some of the different benefits of pegboards and how they can make your life easier when you organize within your laboratories.


Pegboard units are very easy to install. The accessories and shelves that go into it clip in and out of their positions seamlessly, which allows you to quickly rearrange them depending on your organizing needs.

All the tools you need in your laboratory will be readily accessible if you hang your pegboards in the right place.

This type of system is browser-friendly too. It enables you to keep your equipment well organized and maintain your workspace in a tidy manner—with little to no effort needed. With this, it is essential to choose the right hooks for your pegboard in order to organize your workspace.

For instance, you can purchase ordinary hooks for more effective support of smaller objects, or you can get hooks with trays or shelves that can hold a number of items and is suitable for your larger lab instruments.

The open design of an epoxy resin pegboard makes it easy to keep track of what you’re working with, whether it’s in your hands or drying on the laboratory drying racks. Hanging something in plain sight means you never have to worry about it going missing!


Whatever type is your pegboard choice, you can customize it with a variety of different accessories. For maximum efficiency, you can also customize the location of your pegboard with different mounting options.

There are various accessories that could be attached to the epoxy resin pegboard which is why it is very customizable. Using epoxy pegboards for drainage of lab glassware and other equipment is an effective and safe way to dry it. There are attachments such as stainless steel drip trays that help lab technicians do so.

A stainless drip tray and drip screen are essential accessories for pegboards. In order to collect and drain any excess liquid, these are installed at the bottom of the pegboard. During drying, they keep the area under the pegboard clean and dry. A steel drip trough can be equipped with a drain outlet or PVC tubing, allowing excess liquid to be removed and disposed of.

In addition, there are accessories such as screen inserts, drain grids, pipette racks, and even funnel racks to insert into the pegboard. Small tools can also be held on drain baskets that are mounted on pegboards.


With an adjustable workstation, you can work in a way that suits your needs. With pegboards, you can customize everything about your workstation; from its shape, size, height, location, and layout.

Additionally, you are able to make any adjustments necessary to make sure your workstation is specially designed for your needs and preference in the laboratory.

The use of an epoxy pegboard as a storage and drying device is popular among lab technicians. Due to its modular structure, attachments like the stainless steel drip tray allow it to be flexible with its use.

Ideally located in the center of the room, they are an excellent location for storing equipment that is frequently used. Pegboards can also double as workstations when equipped with peg hooks or peg trays.


Pegboards that are made of durable materials such as epoxy resin are suitable for delicate glassware in laboratories like test tubes. They could also withstand the chemicals and other harsh materials that come along with different laboratory procedures.

The unique molding and curing process ensures a complete chemical reaction within the formed material resulting in a uniform chemical resistant surface of the highest quality. Therefore, the material’s outstanding chemical resistance, durability, and flame resistance of epoxy resin make it the perfect pegboard for harsh laboratory, classroom, and research environments.

High-Quality Epoxy Resin Pegboards for Your Lab

It is clear that having a pegboard in your laboratory is an important part of your daily lab routine that will keep you organized and safe.

There are many options when it comes to choosing laboratory epoxy resin pegboards, but our experts are here to help you choose the easiest, most readily available ones that will perfectly fit your needs.

Interested in learning more? You can email us at sales@labtechsupplyco.com or contact us at 800-476-5228 at ResinTops.net today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I rearrange my pegboard for maximum efficiency?

The frequency of rearrangement depends on your changing needs. If your workflow or tools change frequently, consider adjusting your pegboard setup every few months. If your work is consistent, a yearly check should be sufficient.

Can pegboards withstand the heat of sterilization procedures in a lab?

While epoxy resin pegboards can resist chemicals and other harsh materials, direct exposure to extreme heat is not recommended. It would also help to determine the best pegboard uses for your lab.

Can I install pegboards myself, or do I need a professional?

It would depend on your type of pegboard. While they are generally simple to install and can be done by the user, for larger setups or when wall mounting is required, you may want to consider a professional to ensure a secure fit.

How do I organize my lab bench space?

Begin by decluttering and cleaning the space. Regularly used items should be placed within easy reach, while less frequently used items can be stored in drawers or cabinets. Label everything, from drawers to individual containers. There are many benefits to using pegboards, such as helping you organize your tools vertically, freeing up more bench space.

Why is it important to maintain an organized lab area?

Maintaining an organized lab area is crucial for efficiency, safety, and accuracy. An organized space reduces the time spent searching for items, decreasing the risk of accidents caused by misplaced items. It also minimizes the chances of cross-contamination or incorrect measurements due to clutter.

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