Where to Buy a Custom Phenolic Resin Countertop for Your Laboratory

custom phenolic resin countertop

Buying Phenolic resin lab countertops today is a wise choice that will save you time and labor costs later. Made from sturdy, heat-resistant material, it has the strength to stand up to the wear and tear of any lab environment. 

Phenolic resin lab countertops aren’t just for strength and beauty. With a wide array of available shapes and configurations, there is a sure fit for all lab sizes, needs, and budgets. 

If you are looking for a high-quality product to complement or replace your existing lab countertops, look no further than.

Why Should You Invest in Phenolic Resin Countertops?

If you’re planning to remodel your laboratory, switching from metal or laminate lab countertops to a professional-looking, highly durable phenolic resin top can be an excellent decision. 

What to Look for in a Countertop Manufacturer

Since their introduction in the fifties, these tops have been renowned for their resilience and overall lab-friendly design. To make sure you’re partnering with the right supplier, make sure:

Offer Customization

The supplier or manufacturer should be knowledgeable and capable of customizing their phenolic products to meet specific customer requirements. Customization can be divided into two categories. These include customization, be it in terms of production or in terms of parts. 

Provide Value

Look for a company that offers value versus the competition. One way to ferret out the charlatans from the companies that are truly interested in you as a client is to consult with their current or past customers. 

An experienced manufacturer or supplier will know how to negotiate price and delivery, and they will rely on their reputation for quality and service rather than low-balling on price.

Meet Timelines

Phenolic resin countertop manufacturers and suppliers should meet your window of time. The process of manufacturing and installing countertops essential to a successful project. 

If you manage a laboratory, your schedule may fluctuate accordingly and minor setbacks can impact crucial projects. Efficiency and consistency are the keys to success.

Be Knowledgeable 

A manufacturer or supplier experienced in phenolic laboratory resin countertops should know all of the features available and capable of discussing the difference between types of materials.

This type of knowledge is vital when deciding upon what the best product is for your needs. Many manufacturers may have similar products. Therefore, knowing the details will help you choose a consistent company that has dealt with these issues before.

Offer High-Quality Manufacturing

Experienced buyers know that the best way to protect your investment is to buy a high-quality product from a reputable company. You will notice the difference by observing the colour and texture of the final product. 

The material should feature; chemical resistance, strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance. A professional can give you precise information about your situation to determine what grade of material you need for your countertop.

What to Look for in Phenolic Resin Countertop

With its reliable qualities, you will enjoy many trouble-free years with phenolic lab countertops. Here are some features you should look out for: 

Fungal Resistant

Phenolic resin lab countertops offer a wide range of use in laboratories, pilot plants, clean rooms, and other areas where fungi are a problem.

The manufactured product is tested against standard laboratory contaminants several times to ensure the absence of harmful organisms before releasing our products for public consumption.

Bacterial resistant

Phenolic Lab Countertops are more resistant to bacterial growth than standard laminate surfaces, which have a porous surface. Porous surfaces allow bacteria to penetrate and grow on the laminate surface due to the many tiny pores on the surface. 

Phenolic resins do not allow bacterial penetration because of their inner layer being embedded with antibacterial agents.

Impact and Stress Resistant

The surface phenolic resin lab countertops is a two-part material where the epoxy and filler remain attached at the molecular level. This provides countertops with impact resistance and stress fracture resistance. 

In the event of high pressure, as compared to conventional particle board surfaces, countertops will not crack or shatter into pieces.

High Moisture Resistance

The phenolic resin countertops material resists water absorption and retains structural integrity during exposure to moisture. This material is designed to withstand extremely high stress and impact levels from heavy equipment, is easily cleaned with ordinary cleaners like household soap and bleach solutions, and will not require refinishing or reconditioning.

High Scratch Resistance

Its outstanding mechanical property of scratch resistance is derived from the structure inside phenolic resin plastic which is composed of many small phenol groups that are bonded together. 

The molecules of these phenol bonds are very tiny, and their structure forms a three-dimensional network. The structure makes it difficult to scratch the surface of phenolic resin with a linear attack compared with ordinary plastic.

High Corrosive Resistance

Phenolic resin laminate features exceptional resistance to most acids and solvents and delivers the ultimate combination of form and function. They can meet the needs of high-strength corrosive reagents and aggressive chemicals.

Heat Resistance 

Phenolic resin lab countertops are long-lasting work surfaces that can withstand high temperatures without any color or shape changes. Phenolic resin does not absorb liquid or flavor, making it ideal for use in lab settings. 

Made with continuous heat exposure of up to 350 °F, phenolic resin is heat resistant and prevents warping.

Easy to Clean

Phenolic resin lab countertops are easy to clean and offer the same durable performance as stainless steel. It requires little or no attention between cleaning. Just wipe up stains with a wet cloth, and all smudges can be removed easily by using a damp cloth, sponge or a mild soap solution. 

Perform daily laboratory tasks confidently with the superior strength and durability of phenolic resin. Splashes on this countertop are easier to clean, and dulling is reduced with a virtually maintenance-free finish.

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Several online merchants offer these countertops, but it’s vital to work with an established seller who is knowledgeable about phenolic resin and understands what features you need in a phenolic table top. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality phenolic resin laboratory countertops, marrying new trends in material such as bio-materials, color trends while keeping affordable costs. If you’re looking for new laboratory countertops, schedule an appointment with our team at ResinTops today.

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