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Resin pegboards are essential to any quality lab design, and we have all the epoxy resin products and accessories you'll need. Whether you’re in the early stages of designing a laboratory or upgrading your labtech supply in an existing lab, we can help. supplies a variety of standard or customized resin pegboards, polypropylene pegs, and our high-quality and durable resin pegboards are suitable for the harshest of laboratory environments. Turn to ResinTops for everything you need for your lab.

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What Is an Epoxy Resin Pegboard and Drying Rack?


Epoxy Resin Pegboard and Drying Rack

Epoxy resin is a type of polymer that can be applied to various surface materials and mixed with a variety of fillers. Known for its versatility, epoxy resin can be poured and bonded to various materials, including wood, concrete, metal, and other porous surfaces, to create a seamless, non-porous countertop.

The already robust epoxy resin becomes even more durable when mixed with fillers and substrates, and it can be textured or patterned. Epoxy resin is virtually indestructible once dry and cured, making it a popular choice for labs across the board.

Epoxy resin is a plastic that is reinforced with fiber for added strength and durability, which is crucial when handling lab glassware. As a result, an epoxy resin pegboard is highly durable and built to last.

The polypropylene pegs and stainless steel drip trays on resin pegboards are designed at an angle to support optimized drainage of lab glassware, as they are on all pegboards. Epoxy pegboards, most notably, are particularly strong due to their fiber-reinforced nature.

When it comes to selecting a premium solution for your laboratory furniture and product needs, there are often a plethora of factors to consider.

While something as seemingly insignificant as a pegboard may appear to be, the truth is that the pegboard you choose can significantly help or hurt the efficiency and overall productivity of your laboratory.

Is it Easier to Maintain a Clean Surface?

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Many laboratory owners and managers are concerned about keeping their workspace clean and having a pegboard that can be easily cleaned can help. If maintaining the aesthetics of a pegboard is crucial to you, you're in luck because epoxy pegboards are easy to keep clean.

Epoxy pegboards, polypropylene pegs, and drip trays can be easily maintained if they are wiped down on a regular basis. They can also be fitted with a drainage trough for maximum cleaning convenience, making them highly suited for research facility conditions that are highly corrosive or contain a lot of moisture.

Maintaining workstation and laboratory furniture cleanliness is critical in laboratories and food preparation areas. Chemicals, dust, pollutants, and bacteria can quickly accumulate in seams, cracks, pits, and scratches on the countertop of your workbench or laboratory table, making it difficult to sanitize the countertop thoroughly.

Our products are seamless, non-porous, and resistant to scratching, pitting, or denting, resulting in a smooth, easy-to-clean countertop free of bacteria from lab glassware.

Epoxy pegboards are also easier to maintain, making them a popular and durable choice for pharmaceutical labs, cannabis testing facilities, radiology, and other applications where lab glassware is involved.

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting an epoxy pegboard for your research facility. If you're still unsure about your decision, we are happy to help. To speak with an epoxy resin expert and find the right solution for your laboratory, contact today.

Is It a Durable Choice?

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Naturally, when putting together a research facility, you want to make sure you get the most durable pegboards possible. If you're unsure what pegboards are or why they're crucial in the lab, keep in mind that you need a safe and space-saving way for the drainage of lab glassware.

Epoxy is the best choice if you need durability in terms of pressure resistance, as it can withstand up to 13 pounds of pressure. Because of its outstanding chemical resistance, durability, non-flammability, and non-absorbency, epoxy resin is the pegboard of choice for harsh laboratory, classroom, and research environments.

Because of its incredible strength and durability, epoxy has become a popular choice for lab furniture designers and manufacturers. Epoxy resin is virtually impossible to break once dry, and it can withstand repeated heavy impact and pressure without cracking, splintering, or splitting.

Fillers such as natural fibers, silica, and metals can increase the already incredible strength of epoxy resin or add aesthetic value. In most lab environments, epoxy is comparable to heavy-duty materials like stainless steel.

Aside from its incredible tensile strength, epoxy is also resistant to a wide range of corrosive chemicals, solvents, and liquids, allowing it to withstand repeated and prolonged exposure without damage. Epoxy resin does not absorb liquids such as water and is also highly resistant to various spills and moisture exposure because it is seamless and non-porous.

Choose Premium Quality Epoxy Pegboards


quality epoxy pegboard driptrays is a producer of exceptionally durable, high-quality, chemical-resistant epoxy products for laboratory, education, and commercial markets.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for molding epoxy to exact industry and safety specifications, we offer a number of countertops and edge options for epoxy pegboards.

At, we offer a variety of epoxy resin pegboards products and items that are molded and oven cured in large slabs and can be sold as such or custom fabricated to meet your exact specifications. If you are considering an epoxy resin pegboard for your lab, we can help guide you in your decision-making process.

We believe in creating a personal one-on-one relationship with each and every one of our customers. With over 30 years of combined sales and design experience, we strive to develop each relationship to ensure that we are your sole source for all your lab needs.

We are a customer-focused business that offers a wide range of lab furniture and epoxy products for a variety of lab environments. What sets us apart is that we provide superior customer service while maintaining honesty, expertise, and experience.

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