6 Materials Used in Pegboards

materials used in pegboards

Having an epoxy resin pegboard system in your laboratory is ideal for maximizing the space available and storing tools to reduce clutter. Your space remains neatly organized by organizing tools and other items from a pegboard using hooks, brackets, panels, and other accessories. Everything you will need is easy to find and reach.

There is no question about pegboard’s usefulness, but it is essential to know the type of material you should use or choose. They may seem simple, but pegboards are brilliant for maximizing storage space and tidying workstations.

They are available in different sizes and have a variety of uses ranging from hanging laboratory tools to even providing a sports equipment storage area.

Pegboards are available in various materials, including wood, wood-based fiberboard, epoxy resin pegboards, metal, masonite pegboard, plastic, and acrylic. One or more of these materials would be adequate depending on the weight you plan to hang from the pegboard. You should also consider the durability, the possible accessories, and the cost.

What are Pegboards?

A pegboard is a perforated board made from wood, metal, or other composite materials. Besides being a convenient place to arrange small items and even power tools, it also serves as a shelf or hanger. It is up to you how you use it, whether in laboratory rooms, hardware stores, or garages.

Organizers like these can be combined with fabric bags, brackets, hooks, and shelves. This allows you to change the number and location of the panels, hooks, and other features as needed where you can hang tools,

Different Types of Pegboard

If you are considering a laboratory peg board system, you will have to consider how much you want to spend, what type of material you intend to mount it on, and what you plan to hang before you rush off to the nearest home improvement stores or lab furniture stores.

The following provides information on the different types of pegboard material.

Epoxy Resin Pegboards

To put it simply, the epoxy resin is a plastic that has been reinforced with fibers to increase durability and longevity. Thus, an epoxy resin pegboard is durable and can withstand long-term use.

Using epoxy resin pegboards for tool organization is the ultimate solution in laboratories. Hard, durable, and tough—epoxy resin can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, or physical stresses and can also be cleaned easily.

Epoxy resin pegboards also have attachments designed for their purpose and are angled to provide optimal drainage for lab glassware and equipment. Its material strength poses a relatively low risk of peg breakage.

Plastic Pegboard

A plastic pegboard that is typically produced from co-polymer plastic is extremely versatile and robust. A pegboard like this allows you to organize your home or workspace, and you can add additional panels as needed if necessary.

The cost is relatively low for a plastic pegboard, and this is the lightest on the market. Installing it is simple, and plastic recycled from bottles can be used for the product. Lastly, it is durable and resists corrosion, deformation, and distortion

Acrylic Pegboard

Acrylic pegboards are available in clear or black material. Each hole on an acrylic pegboard is laser-cut with exactly one inch between centers, making it a very precise product.

There are also slat wall boards made of acrylic, but these are generally found in commercial settings. Despite its relative lightness, acrylic is strong and versatile.

Acrylic pegboards drain glassware just like epoxy resin pegboards. The purpose of these is to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. While epoxy resin pegboards can withstand more force than plastic pegboards, not all labs require a highly force-resistant drying rack.

Wood Pegboard

In terms of aesthetics, solid wood is more beautiful than fiberboard, but because it is not as dense as compressed wood fiber, hanging too much weight can cause it to splinter.

The main advantage of this type of frame is that you can build them yourself with a circular saw, table saw, tape measure, a straightedge, and a power drill. A pegboard is ready to use once mounted on a wall and has dowel pegs inserted. It is also possible to stain or paint wood to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Masonite Pegboard

Masonite pegboard is the most common and identifiable among the many available types. Also called fiberboard, it is made from compressed wood fiber and resin, then covered with a thin layer of oil.

Since Masonite pegboard is so ordinary, it can be found at most home improvement and hardware stores. It is available in two sizes, one with standard 1/8-inch holes and the other with heavier-duty 1/4-inch holes. Aside from this, the cost-effectiveness of this product makes it an excellent investment.

Metal Pegboards

Metal pegboard, also known as a metal grid, is galvanized and constructed of steel, meaning it can withstand any weather condition. The wall-mounted design lets you easily attach the pegboard to any wall or door for hanging tools. This material often requires extra cost since it is the most expensive type.

Usually made with stainless steel, metal pegboard is extremely strong if mounted on drywall or wooden beams. But too much weight will eventually cause it to fall off. The most convenient way to install metal pegboard is in narrow strips instead of large sheets.

Heavy-duty hooks and brackets work well with metal pegboard, as long as it has the right structural support behind it. From small tools to heavy tools, they are suitable for hanging on a metal pegboard.

Choosing the Right Pegboard Material

Before buying, you have to consider lots of factors. What items will be hung? Where will it be installed? To make an informed decision, the following are some guidelines on choosing the right type of pegboard.


Orientation is one of the most important things to consider when buying a pegboard. As it implies, it describes the mounting direction of the pegboard. There are two types to choose from on the market, one for vertical wall mounting and the other for horizontal wall mounting.

Consider your needs and available space when selecting a horizontal or vertical pegboard. When working in a crowded area, vertical ones can be used to hang tools vertically and save horizontal space on your walls. For items such as saws and drills, a horizontal setup will be wider and allow for more horizontal expansion.


Pegboards come in various sizes. The smaller ones are usually used for remote purposes like counter display, while the larger ones are commonly used in a larger environment like a garage and hold heavier tools.

Depth of Holes

Large and small pegboard holes are the major hole sizes available for pegboards. It is vital to select the type that is suitable for the application. 

Only the hooks for the 1/8-inch pegboard fit in the small-hole pegboard and are commonly used for delicate objects and small projects. Pegboard with large holes is designed for securing heavier tools. The holes in this type are 1/4 inches in diameter and can hold 1/4 inch diameter pegs or pegboard hooks.


Accessory pegs are an essential part of pegboards. To support the weight of items placed on them, they must be sturdy. So make sure the pegboard hooks you choose are compatible with the board you have

Installation Process

Pegboards are easy to install in the laboratory or at home, and you can do it yourself. Pegboards with frames are a popular option that can be mounted without much damage. If you choose unframed pegboards, remember that they come in predefined sizes.

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Organization can be time-consuming and overwhelming at times. Because of this, pegboards are so important—not only are they a great way to organize your space, but they can save you both time and money as well. 

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