What is the Purpose of a Pegboard and What are the Benefits of Using One?

purpose of a pegboard and benefits

Physically clearing up space gives your mind the mental space it needs to focus and be more efficient, especially when you’re working in a laboratory environment. And when it comes to organizing items, some of the best choices for flexibility and customizability are epoxy resin pegboards!

Organizing your laboratory space is crucial to your staff’s mental peace. If you’ve ever felt stressed and found yourself sorting through items or cleaning, that’s because seeing things in order helps you organize your own headspace!

When making improvements to your working area, you want space-saving solutions that are not only versatile but also easy to do! Epoxy resin pegboards give you the best of both worlds with their water, heat, and chemical-resistant material, and lightweight features.

Learn more about pegboards to see how epoxy resin pegboards can help transform your space!

What is a Pegboard Used For?

Pegboards are perforated boards that are typically made of plastic, hardboard, or metal. The perforations in the boards accommodate pegs, which can be used to support various items. 

Today, there is a wide variety of pegs that can be attached to pegboards, allowing for a lot of customization—serving a lot of purposes, such as holding tools, displaying items, organizing various objects, and even serving as a backsplash or decor.

Check out how pegboards are used to help give you ideas for your next laboratory or industrial workspace renovation.

Hold Tools

There are plenty of tools that need organizing, whether you’re sorting stuff in a kitchen, a laboratory, or a workshop.

Though you may consider putting all your tools in a closet to keep them out of sight, this may pose problems later as you tend to reach for some tools more than others, and keeping them in hard-to-reach areas may cause some inconvenience.

In these cases, a pegboard allows you to place tools up on a wall so they are not cluttering your space, but at the same time, they are easy to see and reach for when you need them. 

Display Items

Another advantage of pegboards is having your items easily seen, making them a great DIY option for displays. Pegboards can come in easy-to-attach formats, so one can hang them on the wall and go!

Not to mention, pegboards are easy to set up and disassemble, so you can use and reuse them however you want.

Pegboards are typically used for displaying items in retail stores, galleries, and medical facilities. Because pegboards can come in easy-to-clean and durable materials, they can hold heavy products and be cleaned regularly without damage.

With their versatility and durability, pegboards have also become a top choice for displaying home collections!

Organize Objects

Pegboards aren’t just used to hold large items and heavy tools. Because pegboards come in various sizes, they can also be used to organize smaller objects and knickknacks. Some great uses for pegboards include organizing office supplies, jewelry, and clothing!

Attaching a pegboard in front of an office table allows it to hold office supplies so you can keep your workspace clean and have an aesthetic display of your calendar, pens and paper, and even your clock and phone! 

Meanwhile, pegboards can also be used to hang jewelry; particularly, pegboards make for a great tool for organizing earrings. Just attach hooks onto the pegboard and start hanging your jewelry so you can see them and pick and wear the pair you want.

Another creative use of pegboards is as drawer and closet organizers. Pegboards can be fitted into drawers and have pegs attached to them to help sort one garment from another. Similarly, you can attach a pegboard to the interior of a closet so you can put hooks where you hang clothing items!

Serve as Backsplash

Pegboards come in various colors and finishes, so there’s bound to be one that fits into the design of any room! Hardwood pegboards and metallic pegboards are in great demand for interior designers. Nonetheless, plastic and hardboard pegboards are equally aesthetic and fit in well in many home designs.

The best thing about having pegboards as a backsplash is it gives you the option of extra storage space. Unlike having cabinets and cupboards that are permanent placements, pegboards allow you to dismantle your hooks and pegs when not in use—so you can have them there only when you need them.

Why Should You Use a Pegboard?

As the list above demonstrates, pegboards have unrivaled versatility. They come in various materials, colors, and sizes—which suit different cases. So, whether you need strength to hold heavy tools, heat, water, or chemical resistance for lab or kitchen use, or you want something that will look pretty on a wall—there’s a perfect pegboard out there for you!

Another reason to use pegboards is their flexibility. When space is scarce, these solutions are incredibly important when it comes to maximizing what little area you have.

Pegboards allow you to take apart your displays when you don’t need them and only attach pegs and hooks when you need to organize or display items. This flexibility allows you to utilize your space in the best way possible!

Last but not least, a pegboard is a cost-effective product. Because pegboards are easy to install and their parts can be purchased separately, one can easily purchase a new one or replacement pegs without having to replace the entire installment. This can lead to huge savings over time!

Where to Purchase Good Quality Pegboards?

Pegboards come in various materials, colors, finishes, and sizes. If you’re looking for a pegboard that will fit well into your laboratory, kitchen, or outdoor setting, check out our pegboard collection!

With over 30 years of experience, ResinTops.net is the number one source of epoxy resin products. Some of our products include high-quality epoxy resin pegboards as well as drying racks that allow you to organize your space! 

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