Hardboard and Pegboard: Understanding the Differences

hardboard and pegboard

When you go into a hardware store, there are isles of wood planks, among which you’re likely to encounter hardboards and epoxy resin pegboards. Don’t be confused with the two because though they sound similar, they have a huge difference and are used for totally different purposes.

Hardboards are high-density wood panels used in furniture manufacturing whereas pegboards are wood panels with many holes drilled into them, making them easy to customize, and are used for organizing or decorating.

Hardboard: An Overview

Made of compressed wood fiber and wood pulp, hardboard, also called high-density fiberboard (HDF), is an inexpensive wood-alternative used for building furniture and home decoration.

To create hardboards, small wood fibers and wood pulp from sawmills or forestry remainders are pressed together and baked, resulting in a high density and high strength wood panel.

Hardboards or HDFs are composite wood building materials that are more affordable and lighter than solid wood. Though not as sturdy as plywood, they are impact-resistant and moisture-resistant, making them a popular wood alternative.

Hardboard Uses and Advantages

Hardboard is much lighter than plywood, and it is tough and water-resistant. These make hardwood a great lightweight alternative for DIY furniture or home fixtures. Not to mention, hardwood is more affordable, which makes it a more cost-effective option for furniture shoppers on a budget.

Best Uses of Hardboard

Sturdy and light, hardwood is a quality substitute for wood, especially for home decor and building furniture. Some examples of hardboard are countertops, cabinets, and flooring. The smooth surface of hardwood and its water-resistance feature makes it an ideal countertop material.

Meanwhile, the lightness of hardboard makes them much easier to lift, drill, and cut—making them a preferred option for DIY furniture.

Lastly, laminated flooring, which is growing in popularity due to its resistance to water, scratches, and discoloration, typically uses hardwood as its core to improve its durability and prevent it from buckling or breaking.

Advantages of Using a Hardboard

The reason hardboards are so popular is that they are lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and cost-effective.

Compared to other building materials like plywood or metal, hardboards are also much smoother, making them easy to paint and ready to use in building products like furnishings.

Pegboard: What You Need to Know?

If you want customizable storage space, a pegboard is just the thing you need!

A pegboard is a plank of wood with many holes drilled into it. Pegboards are typically made of solid wood or hardboard, but may also be made of metal, acrylic, or other composite materials.

When shopping for pegboards, one is likely to encounter different types of pegboards depending on the material and hole sizes. Standard pegboards come with 1/8-inch holes and are often used for light organizing, whereas those with 1/4-inch holes are better for heavy-duty projects.

Masonite Pegboard and its Uses

The most readily available types of pegboards are Masonite pegboards. Masonite is a type of hardboard, created by steam cooking and hard pressing wood chips via wet process only, known as the Mason method.

Masonite pegboards are incredibly lightweight, readily available, and are the most cost-effective pegboard options available. They are also chemically treated to be water-resistant, making them a great everyday option for holding light tools and items.

Acrylic Pegboard and its Uses

Acrylic pegboards, also known as plastic pegboards, are made of molded co-polymer plastic. They are incredibly durable and are more versatile and more costly than hardboard pegboard.

Amongst pegboards, acrylic variants come in the widest range of sizes and are best for customizations. And unlike hardboard and metal pegboards, they come with pre-installed furring strips, so you can readily mount them on the wall after purchasing.

Lastly, acrylic pegboards can use recycled or reprocessed plastic, making for a more eco-conscious buying decision.

Metal Pegboard and its Uses

Metal pegboards are pegboards typically made out of steel and coated to have a shiny finish and be resistant to moisture and rust. Metal pegboards have unparalleled strength and durability and are also the most expensive type of pegboard.

As metal is resistant to warping and sagging, they are great at supporting items that are huge and heavy. As such, they are often used in hardware or workshops to hang tools, hold up displays, or store heavy equipment.

Advantages of Using Pegboards

Pegboards are a popular storage staple for a reason. Check out the list of advantages of using a pegboard:

Within Arms Reach

Pegboards are used to organize items by laying them all out in the open. This open type of storage is great for workshops, laboratories, and stores that benefit from seeing objects laid out for easy reaching and returning.

Easy to DIY

pegboards are a blank canvas. Anyone can purchase a pegboard and attach hooks, pegs, bars, and storage containers onto it. It doesn’t take any special skill to decorate a pegboard, and the results can range from basic to spectacular.


Because pegboards are a blank canvas, one can use them for many purposes. It can be used to make shelving, organize drawers and cupboards, or even sort a closet! Whatever your space, a pegboard can be used to spruce it up.

Reasonable Cost

Compared to ready-made furniture, pegboards are a lot more cost-effective, especially for the versatility and amount of use you can get out of them. Hardwood pegboards are affordable, come in various sizes, and suit most uses. You can easily transform a space using hardwood pegboards without breaking the bank!

Choose High-Quality Hardboard and Pegboard for Your Needs

Whatever decorating project you are undertaking, make sure to choose only high-quality hardboard and pegboard for your needs. Doing so will ensure your project lasts and saves you a ton of headache with the upkeep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I paint or finish my hardboard or pegboard to match my decor?

Yes, both hardboards and pegboards can be painted or finished. Hardboards have a smooth surface that takes well to paint, while pegboards can be painted for decorative purposes or to match a specific aesthetic.

Are hardboards and pegboards resistant to termites or other insects?

While hardboards and pegboards are not naturally insect-resistant, they can be treated with certain chemicals to increase their resistance to termites and other insects.

How durable is a pegboard when compared to other wall storage solutions?

One of the many advantages of using pegboards is that they are durable and can hold a reasonable amount of weight, making them an excellent choice for tool storage and display. However, the specific durability depends on the material (hardboard, acrylic, or metal) and the quality of the installation.

Can I use pegboards in a damp environment, such as a basement or garage?

There are different types of pegboards, like metal or certain types of treated hardboard, that can withstand damp environments. However, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer for specific guidelines.

Can hardboards be used for outdoor projects?

Hardboard is generally not recommended for outdoor use as it can absorb moisture, causing it to swell and degrade over time. However, if it’s properly sealed and maintained, it can be used for some outdoor applications.

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