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If you have worked in a laboratory before, you know that faucets are a vital part of the lab environment. While faucets that dispense water are part of the Chicago line, your lab may also need a gas faucet, a specialized faucet for washing laboratory glassware, and more.

Depending on your laboratory needs, you may find yourself in need of several types of faucets. Chicago Faucets is one of the most established manufacturers of faucets for laboratory applications, but this company also manufactures faucets for homes and the food service industry. Below are some questions you may have if you are considering one of these faucets for your own laboratory.

What Is the Chicago Faucets Warranty?

Generally speaking, the Chicago Faucets warranty is a generous one. The exact warranty terms will vary depending on retailer

Are All or Any of the Parts Universal for All Types of Products?

As with any type of laboratory equipment, you may find that you need Chicago Faucets replacement parts. Because this manufacturer understands that efficiency is key to running a successful lab, these faucets are designed in a way that many parts are universal.

Nearly all Chicago products come with a limited warranty, but because there is such a range of products, it is important that you consult with your retailer to make sure you understand all warranty terms. If you are looking at Chicago Faucets replacement parts or at a new faucet installation, the experts at Lab Tech would be happy to discuss your warranty options with you.

Are There Available Replacement Parts?

Particularly if your lab is heavily used, you may find yourself in need of Chicago Faucet parts to replace parts that begin to wear out. While these faucets are designed to very durable, there may be times where you find a part needs to replaced. This is crucially important with gas valves, as gas leaks pose a serious health hazard.

If you choose this line of products, many Chicago Faucet parts are designed to be interchangeable. This makes it very easy to replace a single part without having to purchase an entirely new faucet for your laboratory. This feature is an important one, as it will save you money on both parts and labor if and when you find yourself in need of a faucet replacement.

Are Chicago Faucets Lead Free?

Within the last 10 years, federal laws have been passed regulating the lead content of faucets that dispense water for human consumption. This may prompt you to ask “are Chicago Faucets lead free?” While Chicago Faucets comply with new lead regulations, they may not be completely free of lead. Federal regulations require faucets to have less than a quarter of one percent of lead. This means that, if lead is present at all, it is in such trace amounts that it will not cause health problems.

Can Chicago Faucet Products Be Installed in My Home?

Much of the focus of this page has been on the use of faucets in the laboratory. But if you have used these faucets in any capacity in the laboratory, you may wonder about the possibility of Chicago Faucet installation in your own home. The good news is that these faucets can absolutely be installed in the home. Chicago manufactures faucets for use in the lab, at home, in food service, and more. Whether you want an electronic faucet or a more basic model, Chicago Faucet installation can work for you.

In conclusion, Chicago Faucets manufactures high-quality faucets for nearly every environment. If you find yourself needing answers, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Lab Tech!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chicago Faucet still in business?

Yes, Chicago Faucets is still in business and continues to be a trusted manufacturer of high-quality faucets and fittings. Their products are widely used in commercial and residential settings, including laboratories. With their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Chicago Faucets remains a prominent player in the industry, offering reliable solutions for various needs such as installing faucets for an epoxy resin sink.

What brand of Faucets do plumbers prefer?

Plumbers often prefer reputable brands known for their reliability and performance, and one such brand is Chicago Faucets. Renowned for their durability and precision engineering, Chicago Faucets is a popular choice among plumbers for both commercial and residential applications. Whether it’s an undermount or overmount sink, Chicago Faucets offers a wide range of faucets that cater to different installation requirements.

How do I maintain my Chicago Faucets laboratory faucet?

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Chicago Faucets laboratory faucet. Here are some maintenance tips: When it comes to caring for your customized epoxy resin countertops, it’s important to follow proper maintenance procedures. To maintain your Chicago Faucets laboratory faucet, regularly clean it using mild soap or a non-abrasive cleaner to remove any dirt or residue.

Are Chicago Faucets laboratory faucets resistant to laboratory chemicals?

Yes, Chicago Faucets laboratory faucets are designed to withstand exposure to a wide range of laboratory chemicals. These faucets are constructed using durable materials and finishes that provide excellent resistance to corrosive substances, making them suitable for use with various laboratory setups, including those with resin countertops.

Where can I buy replacement parts for Chicago Faucets laboratory faucets?

To purchase replacement parts for your Chicago Faucets laboratory faucet, you have several options available. You can contact us for Chicago Faucets products.

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