4 Reasons Why Laboratories Need Pegboard Drying Racks

pegboard drying racks

Laboratories need many types of equipment, and they also need them to be of top quality. One of these products is indeed pegboard drying racks. Every lab worker will explain numerous reasons why these drying racks are needed in their workspace.

This article is here to do the same, and with that in mind here are several reasons that you should be aware of when deciding on the requirement of pegboard drying racks.

1. Effective for Draining Glassware

Their primary purpose and the most important reason why every lab needs them is undoubtedly for draining the glassware. Every lab has a vast amount of glass – flasks, tubes, funnels, and the like that’s always in use and needs to be cleaned often and drained and left to dry. Pegboard drying racks work wonders here.

Glassware in laboratories, as you probably already know, need to be cleaned more thoroughly than regular glassware due to the experiments and analysis conducted in labs which use them. And if you need them cleaned, you need them dried as well.

2. Safer and More Practical Than Any Other Drying Solution

You can also use towels or compressed air to dry your glassware. However, this is not advisable. These can easily introduce foreign materials, fibers and other impurities to the glass.

You need your flasks, funnels, and the like, very clean for them to be useful tools in the lab. That is why you should avoid all these drying methods and stick to pegboard drying racks only.

3. Cheaper Than Other Solutions

You’ll have to clean and dry your glassware. Most people prefer when they have to do something; it’s better to do in the cheapest way possible, that’s also still practical and doesn’t dampen quality.

Pegboard drying racks achieve all of that, and then some. For example, things like drying ovens are expensive, and they aren’t spotless. Towels and compressed air, which we already mentioned, indeed are cheaper, but they are beyond ineffective due to the foreign material they have the potential to introduce.

4. Lots of Space

With bigger pegboard drying racks, you can dry out a lot of your glassware at one time, as the racks are spacious, with a lot of pegs to fit a lot of glassware. What’s more, they are made from the top quality material, and their sole purpose is for drying the glass, which is why they are the best solution.

Our suggestion is to have at least two pegboard drying racks, as you’ll need to have enough space. Besides, it will be useful to be able to use another while the pegs on the first rack are cleaned.

All of these reasons conclusively point out the importance of having pegboard drying racks for your lab. It’s an essential part of every laboratory. If you are looking for quality, durable epoxy resin or acrylic pegboard drying racks, you need to start dealing with a professional and quality service that can provide them for you as soon as possible.

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