4 Great Laboratory Island Accessories

laboratory island accessories

Having a laboratory that runs in a smooth and efficient fashion is likely very important to you. There are many elements that go into creating a stylish and highly functional lab setting. For starters, you need the proper professional laboratory equipment and the modern accessories that allow for ease of use. Consider the following information on important accessories that could enhance the functionality of your lab.

Four Great Laboratory Island Accessories

Getting the latest and most beneficial laboratory accessories can help those who utilize your lab have an easier time performing essential tasks. Consider the following four laboratory island accessories that could benefit you.

Stainless Steel Sink or Epoxy Sink

Laboratory stainless steel sinks remain a common choice for today’s busy lab settings. Due to the attractiveness and functionality of stainless steel, sinks made from this material are designed to last for many years to come. Laboratory stainless steel sinks also resist general wear and tear and staining. Epoxy sinks are yet another popular choice that remains highly functional and resistant to wear, staining, and damage.

Due to the attractiveness and functionality of stainless steel, sinks made from this material are designed to last for many years to come.

These sinks come in various shapes and sizes. They can also be designed to your specific size specifications depending on your other lab structures.

Phenolic or Epoxy Resin Pegboards

Proper maintenance of your glassware is a vital part of your laboratory upkeep. No one wants to constantly be spending money on replacing lab glassware that becomes damaged or broken. Phenolic or epoxy resin pegboards can be a useful element for your laboratory islands. Pegboards and drip trays are designed to allow support and proper drainage for your delicate labware. Available in many custom sizes and thicknesses, these pegboards can be handcrafted to suit the unique needs of your lab setting.

Overhead Lights

Even with the best of laboratory equipment, your lab setting will be lacking in full functionality without proper overhead laboratory lights. Many delicate functions performed in a lab can become downright hazardous if performed incorrectly. Powerful overhead laboratory lights can allow each person using your facility to have the appropriate lighting to perform important tasks with ease.

Gas/Air Turrets & Valves

Lab gas valves allow each person using your facility to maintain careful control of both air and gas substances that they may need to access. In many cases, controlling the degree of airflow can make a difference between a successful endeavor or a failing one. Lab gas valves can be purchased to make these essential tasks easier to perform.

We understand the importance of having an attractive and high functioning laboratory setting that satisfies all the needs of those relying on it. Creating a beautiful and functional lab setting doesn’t end with choosing quality laboratory furniture. Augmenting your lab furniture with the best and most useful laboratory accessories can add to the overall appeal and functionality of the entire area. The four accessories described above are what we have found to be the essential elements of an attractive and highly functional lab setting. If you’re in need of replacement or additional lab accessories, please contact us for further assistance with selecting the best ones to meet your individual laboratory needs.



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