Epoxy Resin

4 Kinds of Substances Epoxy Resin Can Resist

By Resin Tops / November 5, 2018 / 0 Comments

Epoxy resins are highly resistant in general, which is why they have many practical applications: Paints and many coatings Electrical Systems and many electronics Industrial tooling applications Adhesives Numerous consumer applications Laboratory equipment The list can go on and on. However, we are here to talk about the many substances epoxy resin can resist. The […]

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Countertops: Epoxy Resin Vs. Polyurethane

By Resin Tops / July 31, 2018 / 0 Comments

Laboratory counters are your primary workspace used to hold your tools, projects, and all the necessary equipment. These days, we can find countertops available in a striking array of costs, materials, composites, and finishes, giving you the opportunity to choose not only the best option for your laboratory but the most cost-effective one. As each […]

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