7 Reasons to Choose a Custom-Size Pegboard for Your Laboratory

If you’re looking for a way to organize your laboratory, you might wonder what the best solution is. If so, we’ve got good news, you can have it all with epoxy resin pegboards!

Utilizing these is a great way to organize, store, and display your tools. They’re also easily customizable, which is why they’re so popular in laboratories. But if you’re looking for a pegboard that’s specifically sized to fit the needs of your lab, then you’ll need a custom-size pegboard.

But what makes a pegboard so great? Here are some reasons why you should choose a custom-size pegboard for your laboratory.

Understanding Pegboards for Laboratories

Pegboards are a simple but effective way to organize and store tools, supplies, and materials in laboratories. They allow workers to keep their tools organized and easily accessible while they work—letting them focus on the task at hand without worrying about searching for their supplies or putting them away when they’re done using them. 

Pegboards can be made from wood, metal, or plastic—and come in various shapes and sizes. Metal pegboards are made of galvanized steel, plastic pegboards are made from epoxy resin, and wood pegboards are made of hardboard.

They have holes drilled into them, which are spaced at various intervals, depending on the number of pegs you want to use.

Pegboards are often hung on the walls or doors of labs, so they take up less space than traditional tool chests. Some pegboards have standard pegboard hooks, while others have pegboard holes for holding small objects.

Maximizes Space Utilization

In laboratories, space is at a premium. There are various things to think about when you’re designing your laboratory: how much storage space do you need? Is the equipment going to fit? Where will people be able to move around? How are you going to keep everything organized?

Pegboards are an incredibly versatile tool that can help you address all those issues and more. Pegboards can help you maximize the space in your laboratory by allowing you to hang tools and equipment at the ready. This helps ensure that the tools required for experiments are always handy, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Allows for Customization and Organization to Fit Your Specific Needs

Pegboards are a simple solution for organizing and displaying supplies in your laboratory. They work great in laboratories, which are constantly being replenished with new equipment and supplies. They keep everything organized and save space by getting rid of bulky toolboxes.

They can be used to display everything from glassware and chemicals to tools, equipment, and even small animals. Though they are not designed for heavy-duty use, the simplicity of their design makes them ideal for storing light items such as test tubes or flasks.

It has rows of holes drilled into it where you can place your items on standard pegboard shelf brackets. Pegboards come in various shapes, sizes, and colors; this allows you to customize the board according to your needs.

Can Be Easily Modified as Your Storage Needs Change

Pegboards are an ideal way to organize tools and materials in laboratories because they are easy to modify as your storage needs change.

You can rearrange the layout of your pegboard to better suit your current storage needs. You can easily add or remove peg hooks from your pegboard to accommodate different sizes and types of equipment and materials.

Secure the hooks to prevent pegboard hooks from falling. Attaching plywood shelves to standard pegboard shelf brackets with cable staples makes it easy to fit the shelf bracket legs into the holes and slide the shelf back and forth.

There are a wide variety of pegboard accessories available, such as bins, pegboard shelves, and holders. This pegboard kit can help you better organize and store your laboratory items.

If your storage needs have outgrown your current pegboard, you can simply remove the old one and install a larger one in its place.

Create the Perfect Color Scheme to Match Your Lab

Color is a powerful tool as it can set the mood in a room and make you feel more relaxed or energized. It is also a great way to create visual interest in your space, which can help you focus and keep your attention on the task at hand.

If you’re looking for a way to create the perfect color scheme without hiring an interior designer, look no further than pegboards.

Pegboards are a simple and inexpensive way to create the perfect color scheme for your laboratory. They come in various colors and shapes, so you can easily match any decor. You can also use them as part of your overall decorating strategy by using them as part of a larger design scheme.

No Unsightly Seams to Interrupt Your Design

We all know that unsightly seams are the bane of any designer’s existence. They ruin the flow of your design and make a lab feel like it was thrown together by an amateur.

When you’re working in the lab, you want to be able to move things around quickly and easily. You don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your design will come apart at a seam or fall off the wall.

With a pegboard, you can have the freedom of movement that your work requires without worrying about whether or not your project will stay put.

Easy Installation and Removal

Pegboards are a great way to organize your laboratory. They’re easy to install, can be removed quickly, and can be customized to fit the needs of any lab.

Installing a pegboard is simple: all you need is a hammer and some nails, and you can mount them on walls or doors. Pegboards come in multiple sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits perfectly into your space.

Removing them is just as easy! Since they’re mounted with nails or screws, they can easily be removed from the wall or door with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver. If you want to reposition the pegboard later on down the road, it’s easy enough to do. Just remove it from its mounting points and put it back up where you want it!

Pegboards Provide Easy Access to Tools and Equipment

Pegboards are a great way to ensure your tools and equipment are readily available. They’re also a great way to keep them organized in one central location, so you can find what you need when you need it.

They’re perfect for laboratories because they provide easy access to all the equipment needed when running experiments. Everything from test tubes and flasks to safety glasses and protective clothing can easily be hung up on a pegboard so that no one has trouble finding what they need at any given time.

They also make it easy for everyone in the lab to know where things are located because they’re always visible and accessible.

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